Let’s team up and work together to positively change your life through cycling and WIN YOUR RIDE. With our direction we will take your cycling to the next level and it's impact on your life.

Whether you are a beginner just starting out, a gravel grinder, master’s racer, or an aspiring pro we’ve seen it work for hundreds of athletes of all different backgrounds and abilities. It works because these are the same strategies World Tour riders use to achieve and sustain success repackaged into a comprehensive road map that fits into your schedule and life. If you have the desire to reach your peak performance and achieve your goals, then CINCH Coaching is for you.

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The CINCH Coaching System

Our Philosophy

Educate. Engage. Empower.

Our philosophy is centered around providing tools, experiences, and support to positively and profoundly impact your life through the sport of cycling.


The CINCH Coaching process is driven by teaching you the true sport of cycling and its benefits to your life. Our objective is about much more than to just help you go faster on your bike.  We are here to teach you the sport of cycling and lead you to the highest level of personal performance possible.  We use our proprietary FORM Performance Methodology to educate athletes of all abilities on how to improve their cycling in four pillars of performance: Fitness, Execution, Nutrition, and Focus.


As an athlete getting the best program is not enough.  The program must be met with consistent action to maximize it.   At CINCH we help athletes become consistent by creating a world that inspires them to participate in.  


Purpose driven, engaging, functional, and fun.


Communication that is driven to teach you, motivate you, and support your needs.


Become part of a team and share your journey with other like minded people in our app, virtual events, live workouts, camps, races, and more.


At CINCH our mission is true transformation. Our program is designed to empower you to perform at a new level of ability outside of the just structured training.  Throughout your journey the concepts and processes you use in your daily routine will become ingrained in you.  To help you track your progress and create an internal way of monitoring your growth we have created our own level system.  This system is based around mastery of CINCH concepts within the four pillars of the FORM Method: Fitness, Execution, Nutrition, and Focus.

During your time in the CINCH program you will get to a new level where you can see complex challenges in cycling and life with a new depth and perform beyond new boundaries with true confidence.  Imagine how your rides and life will feel knowing you have the tools to conquer whatever comes your way.   Our program will empower you to be able to take on and conquer any challenge you come across in cycling and life.

Our Process


I created the ASCEND Process with a little inspiration from my love of climbing. When we are faced with a challenge to grow, we view it as a big mountain. We are at the bottom.  The road only goes two directions: up and over the top or back where I came from, and you can be sure I’m not going backward.



We strive to bring you the ultimate cycling experience, no matter what level you are at and where you live. We offer a three-pronged-approach to supporting your cycling experience that extends beyond the daily one-on-one coaching.

Bike shop: In addition to receiving best in class coaching services we will also provide you with a concierge bike shop service. That's right, you will have access to all the best equipment, information, custom fit, best pricing, and top service. 

Cycling Camps: For those looking for good training, fresh scenery, education, and a fun group we offer our members exclusion camps during the season. 

Race Team: For the competitive members we offer two race programs. Our premiere program is the CINCH ELITE Men's and Women's Pro Cycling Team. Our target is to graduate aspiring pro cyclists to this team during their CINCH journey. For those who are not interesting in becoming a pro, but want to compete as a team, we have our CINCH Racing program. This is a national team of Amateur and Masters racers who meet up at events around the country and compete together with a unified strategy.