How To Approach a Bike Race 48 Hours Out


What should the last 48 hrs look like before an important event?


Many athletes treat the two days before an event as just a waiting game. Often, sitting back thinking that the hard work is done, and "what will be will be." Whilst that's true to a certain extent, It's definitely too late to even think about any last-minute "panic training." However, there are several small details athletes often overlook, and getting them right will definitely enhance your performance.

As a former World Cup mountain biker, I had the privilege of preparing for a lot of important races. Over the years, I developed a specific pre-race protocol, and on the days I executed my process, everything ran so much smoother. Even though I no longer race professionally, this is still the plan I use before my mountain bike, road, and gravel events, and I've found that it's pretty transferable between disciplines. I hope that it helps you plan those crucial hours and pay attention to the small details, which can lead to significant gains!

*Assumption* your chosen event is on Sunday morning, so we'll start the countdown from Friday!

how to prepare for a bicycle bike race

On race day, many variables get thrown into the equation, and the timing of tasks may get slightly out of kilter. However, taking ownership of the variables, you CAN control, and most importantly, how a little planning will eradicate that last-minute stress and panic we've all felt on our "less prepared" days!

This article was written by CINCH Coach Sophie Johnson 

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