The 2019 Tour de CINCHmas Route Unveiled

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For most of the world December is a time where athletes steer of course, gain weight, lose fitness and ultimately fall a bit behind on their path or journey of personal progress, but that's not the case at CINCH. 

Over the years we've found that our group of highly motivated individuals is always up for a challenge, and this year the CINCH team created an exciting 10 Stage Race where CINCH athletes from all around the world will compete against each other, and themselves of course,  for the win. But this isn't your regular stage race by any means! Coach Tom has created a super unique scoring system where athletes will be scored on their abilities to execute techniques, body positions, and of course power zones within their own workouts. The Athletes that not only have to complete all the intervals within a workout to be eligible, but the scoring comes down to how well the intervals were executed, staying true to the fundamentals of how CINCH develops athletes through creating real skills and abilities. 
So now, we proudly present the 2019 Tour de CINCHmas Route! 
tour de cinchmas cinch route 2019
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