The Six Gap Recap

The North Georgian mountains are truly a great place to be if you love cycling, and that's why we were excited to partner up with the Six Gap Century ride this year in Dahlonega Georgia for ASCEND 6 GAP experience by Tom Danielson and CINCH Cycling. 

The CINCH crew arrived at the event early Saturday morning for the first phase of the ASCEND 6 GAP experience, a personal talk presented by coach Tom. Having won the Tour of Georgia on the same roads that the Six Gap Century would be ridden on the following day, Tom was able to offer a very specialized and unique perspective of what exactly everyone was signing up for. Shining light on some obvious facts, and bringing a refreshing perspective to the discussion the first phase was fun and interactive for the audience. 

As the discussion rolled on coach Tom covered some very important fundamentals on key points like mindset strategies, nutrition, and technique execution that people would gain great benefits from using on their ride the following day. These techniques and strategies are much like what we use at CINCH with our coaching clients.  

After a solid hour of Tom giving it his all on stage, we took a 20-minute break, everyone jumped in their cycling kits, and we hit the road for the second part of the ASCEND 6 GAP experience, the ride. 

As we took on the roads of the beautiful Georgian countryside, it was amazing to see how quickly the large group of athletes responded to the body position techniques that coach Tom demonstrated. As we continued the ride many athletes were soon experiencing what SURFING THE TERRAIN was for the first time. We often heard athletes stay things like "this is the exact opposite of what I thought I should be doing."

The ASCEND 6 GAP ride rolled or a beautiful 20 miles of the 6 gap course with coaches Tom, Travis, and Kourtney offering some in ride tips to the attendees, before returning to the athlete package pick up at the basecamp of the event. Zack decided to take on the challenge of the Criterium Saturday night, but unfortunately got a flat, and didn't have any spare wheels in the pit. 

A 7:30 am start time comes quick, but it's easy to forget that you've just woken up at 4 in the morning when you arrive at the event and see thousands of athletes ready to take on this massive challenge together. The CINCH team took the front of the ride from the start, controlling the pace. As the climbs rolled on we were incredibly proud to see so many CINCH athletes winning their rides, putting up incredible performances. Many athletes that attended the ASCEND 6 GAP experience thanked us after they completed their 6 and 3 gap rides, saying that our event helped them out on the course. 

In the end, we think that the 6 and 3 Gap Century ride was a big success for the entire community. We loved being able to make a positive for not only the athletes that attended the ride but also to the event as a whole.


We'll be back next year! 


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