The Tour de CINCHmas is Changing The Game

Last week, here on the CINCH Performance Blog, we announced the first-ever Tour de CINCHmas and today we're so blown away by the initial response and overall level of awesomeness from the entire community that we just couldn't help but share some of what's going on inside the world of CINCH. 

If you didn't see the original article, here's what the course profile looks like! 
On Tuesday, 15 team captains nominated 2 riders from all different parts of the world to take part in the Prologue, kicking off the 2019 Tour de CINCHmas. Athletes were scored on their ability to execute their best performances within their own power zones. 


On Stage 1, Team Killing You Softly took the early lead posting an incredible 66 points on the day, with precise execution on the scoring charts. Team Flossin and Team PR'S For Days tied for second with 56 points, while Team Castle Black rounded out the podium with 46 points.

Since stage 1 the entire community has been fully checked into challenging themselves to executing their best possible individual performances, and stage 2 did not disappoint. The sprint stage was built around a series of intervals that would simulate what a rider would have to endure to make it to the finale of a sprint stage in a professional race. In the end, the riders were scored on a unique scenario that simulated a rider's ability to navigate through a technical finish and deliver a winning sprint. 

Here are the results from stage 2

Teams Crushfest and PR's For Days tied for the stage victory with 60 points apiece while Teams Flossin, Nor'Easters, and Carnage took second at 56pts with Team Young Money snagging the final spot on the podium. Now, the teams are all in a tight GC battle with 10 stages remaining to be scored! 

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This is only the beginning of the race, and the competition is heating up! There's a major curveball coming on stage 5 as athletes prepare for a brutal stage 5 time trial!

Here's a sneak peek of what's to come! 


Ultimately, we're so thrilled to be able to host such a fun event that ads value to the lives of CINCH Athletes around the world. Be sure to stay on the lookout for a full recap after the first week of racing!


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