A Look at Tom Danielson's Factor SLiCK Time Trial Bike

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It's been nearly 5 years since Tom Danielson jumped on a TT bike, but he's now dialing in his new Factor SLiCK in preparation for the Borrego 6 hour World Time Trial Championships in just a couple of weeks! The SLiCK is an innovative frame with some unique features that we will take a quick look at in this article. 
Twin Vane EVO Downtube
Perhaps the most unique feature of the SLiCK is the Twin Vane Evo Downtube which is essentially a split in the center of the downtube that "allows the air to pass through while increasing the bike stiffness at the BB and headset" Essentially this design increases aerodynamics and stiffness in the frame. 

Aside from the incredible design from the downtube the SLiCK is an aerodynamic masterpiece all around. Incorporating completely hidden braking system to maximize aerodynamics. The SLiCK is designed to go fast but it also handles really well. This fundamental of aerodynamics, and stiffness without sacrificing handling is why we wanted Factor as the official bike partner of CINCH. 

speedshop 51 bars review feedback problems
Upfront Tom opted for the 51 Speedshop Ski style bars with the factor deck. 
sram red etap axis review feedback problems
The all-new SRAM AXIS groupset was Tom's go-to choice for the new TT bike. 
FSE Wheels review Feedback Problem
For the wheels Tom went with the 80mm tubeless front and full disc rear from FSE Bike.
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One of the extra perks for CINCH members is that they get access to big discounts on premium brands like Factor as well as all of our sponsoring partners. 
Be sure to stay tuned for a follow-up article where we talk about Tom's take on body position for Time trialing.

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