Quintin Chiapperino

Quintin Chiapperino

I was born in NY into an ice hockey family on April 2,1997. Growing up playing hockey and having two older brothers who were both elite in the sport pushed me to pursue a professional athletic career. I played all over the world at the highest level for my age group. Hockey gave me the opportunity to live in Canada and Europe.


When I was 12, I moved to the US Virgin Islands. I loved the ocean and soon became a stand up paddle racer, competing at a world tour level for 5 years. I found cycling in late 2016 as a tool to cross train during the off-season and through an injury. It wasn’t long until I truly fell in love with the speed and the feeling of accomplishment I had at the top of every climb. Within the first month, I joined Tom. From his passion and knowledge, I made the decision that cycling is what I wanted to do. Cinch taught me how to find my process to pursue this dream! Everything I’ve learned on the Form Performance Method: Nutrition, Fitness, Execution and Focus; all these things helped me grow and excel quickly in the sport. 

In 2017, my first season, I went from a Cat 5 to 2 winning multiple races on the east coast. 


On September 20,2017, St Croix was hit by Category 5 Hurricane Maria, which took my home and family business. During this time of distress, the Cinch community came together and helped in every way they could to get us back on our feet, and I will forever be grateful for that. Since the islands were not going to be back to normal for a long time and with our limited belonging, my mother and I had to make a decision.


We decided to drive across the country and find a place to live. We had Austin/Colorado in our sights. We settled on Austin first since we didn’t have much winter clothes and had limited income. 


Austin helped me grow even more, as I was able to be involved in a much larger cycling community that allowed me to share my passion and knowledge with the locals. After a year or so, it was time to make the move to Colorado where I knew my ability would skyrocket.


Shortly after arriving, Tom gave me the opportunity to join the Cinch Coaching Team. In doing so, I have now been able to share with others what I’ve learned through my life experiences and knowledge gained from the Cinch program to take them to the best version of themself.