Theia Friestedt




I have been active my whole life, but it wasn’t until I started cycling that I felt truly connected to a sport. I came into cycling later in life, and although I was a ballet instructor in my late teens, I spent most of my adult life fitting in workouts while traveling the world as a Mergers & Acquisitions consultant. One day my husband surprised me with a road bike. I had only ridden hybrid bikes recreationally up until that point. But interestingly enough, I got into training within the first month of getting my first road bike. At that time, I could barely hold 70 watts, could not ride more than 45 min at a time, had no experience with clipless pedals, and group rides terrified me!  However, I was fortunate to surround myself with excellent coaches and experienced cyclists who taught me how to train properly, ride in groups, and be efficient on the bike. I learned a lot and grew exponentially as a cyclist in what some consider a short period of time.
But it wasn’t until I joined CINCH that I was able to truly develop as a cyclist. That’s when a whole new world opened up and cycling became a true sport for me. A sport where I learned what kind of player I am, and which skills suit me best to achieve the best results. Cycling requires skills, not just strength. It’s the rider who can combine strength with proper technique and skills who goes faster. I become a full-time Certified USA Cycling and Precision Nutrition Coach in 2017, and have coached hundreds of athletes across various disciplines. Although learning is a continuous journey, I strive to pay it forward to other cyclists all that my coaches, mentors, and experience have taught me to date. 
When not training or coaching, you will find me racing road, gravel, and cyclocross. I am also active in Cycling Esports, and have experience racing in the Pro-Amateur and Premier Leagues in Zwift.