Tracey Jacobs

Tracey Jacobs

I began racing road bikes in 2004 and quickly joined the elite women’s peloton in one season.  Over the past two decades I’ve raced both nationally and locally winning stage races, criteriums, road races, gravel events, cyclocross as both an elite cyclist and a master’s athlete. Over the years I’ve experienced racing as an individual, on a composite team or a contracted team for Tour of the Gila, Cascade Cycling Classic, Colorado Classic, Intelligentsia, Sea Otter, Tucson Bike Classic, Valley of the Sun, Green Mountain Stage Race, Mt. Hood Cycling Classic.  As a Category 1 cyclist with USA Cycling, I am often sharing the podium with the best elite women in the state and as a Master’s athlete I am ranked one of the best in the country.  Currently I hold the Master’s State Champion jerseys for both the road race and criterium events. I have had these titles for one or both events for the past 3 years in Colorado.  In 2019 I was awarded the Best All Around Rider for Master’s 50+ In Colorado.


In 2016 I was lucky to team up with Tom Danielson as my coach and with him I’ve had my biggest improvements as an athlete maximizing my potential and taking me to the next level. 

To reach success it has not been talent but rather constant work on honing technique, execution and mindset to win and be my best.


I enjoy working with beginners and elite level cyclists, young and old.   No matter what your goals are, there are areas to grow. Having to overcome both major physical and mental obstacles over my career, failures and success I can offer this knowledge to my athletes and help navigate through becoming their best.

I ski raced as a child and danced professionally until 2003, I attended performing arts school, danced in companies, choreographed and taught ballet and modern dance.  In 2003 I retired to have a child and picked up bike racing in 2004. Adjunct to coaching here at Cinch I am a Certified Massage Therapist and have a specialty in nutrition and strength and conditioning.