11 Ways to Improve Riding in a Paceline

11 Ways to Improve Riding in a Paceline

In this post I am going to share with you some tips to improve your paceline riding.


Before we begin let me blow your minds with some perspective.


What is the purpose of a paceline?


The purpose of a paceline is to work as a group, together, to USE THE LEAST AMOUNT OF ENERGY to go as fast as possible.


Say what? You mean a paceline is not used to hurt other riders and drop as many people as possible?

NO!! So no more “ninja star” pacelines!!! Instead please follow these tips to make a fast, safe, and efficient paceline:


1. Take long pulls in a headwind.


2. Take short pulls in a tailwind.


3. Only stand to get back into the paceline at the back of the group.


4. Ride slightly off to one side of the rider that you are behind.


5. Commit to the side you choose to ride behind on.


6. Do not stop pedaling in the paceline.


7. Communicate to the whole group where the wind is coming from.


8. Do not stare at the wheel in front of you, look ahead at the road.


9. Choose your line based on the road ahead of you, not the rider in front of you.


10. Choose pull strength and during based of KEEPING the SAME pace of the group.


11. Use your front brake as a clutch instead of passing the rider in front of you when they slow or stopping pedaling abruptly.

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