CINCH is slang for simple.  We simplify the complex and deep sport of cycling into concepts and process for you to learn and apply to your cycling and life.

In the pursuit of personal progress people look for mentorship to help them improve in desired areas of growth. The problem in the sport of cycling is that the current template training model that is used for cyclist development is not meeting the needs of all levels of athletes.  The main issue is that these programs are actually designed to stimulate short term performance improvements, offering only one solution to solve a very complex spectrum of physiological and psychological barriers. Until now, cycling coaches have only been able to direct aspiring athletes down a linear path. The path of  solely focusing on increasing threshold is missing majority of the key athlete development components, making these template training systems incomplete. 

CINCH was founded by Tom and Kourtney Danielson to be a solution designed to develop all aspects of an athlete through the 4 Pillars of FORM, Fitness, Nutrition, Execution, and Focus. Over the course of Tom Danielson’s 15 year professional cycling career, Kourtney and him worked with the leading pioneers in all aspects of sports performance. As Tom continued to develop as an athlete, they both learned that building a winning rider composition was a result of focusing on all aspects of what made an athlete elite, leaving no stone unturned in the search of building the Tour de France winning performance capabilities.

Tom and Kourtney's pursuit of the highest level of personal progress developed into an intense coaching passion to transform all levels of athletes into a better version of themselves. Through listening to clients needs and finding unique solutions for hundreds of different athletes of all backgrounds and abilities, CINCH Coaching was born. The result is a complete process designed to guide athletes through a continuous journey of athletic and personal progression, with high level mentorship guiding you every step of the way.