A Story of Transformation - Cat 5 to Pro Win

A Story of Transformation - Cat 5 to Pro Win

Cycling and transformation go hand in hand for us.


Through cycling we see people take incredible journeys where they grow positively through cycling. They gain self confidence, improve their self imagine, break personal boundaries they never believed possible, become an important part of a community they believe in, and find strength in themselves to overcome their challenges in life.


Cycling is for everyone. And when we say that, we mean not only that everyone can do it, but everyone can participate in a way the can grow in.


A beautiful example of this is Andie Fasen who has been part of our program for five years. She began win CINCH a beginner who wanted to learn the sport, meet new friends, and push herself to become better at it.


Andie is a full time engineer who does the majority of her workouts in the early hours before work on her trainer using ZWIFT.


Over last years Andie has grown in her fitness, mental confidence, skill set, and ability.


She has worked her way under the guidance of Coach Holly Mathews from Cat 5 to Pro through with the focus of working to become better than before. Not worrying about results or beating other riders.


This weekend Andie had another big breakthrough, winning her first Pro race against two of the most accomplished National Level pros!


As we say in CINCH, results guide, they do not define.


Andie’s personal transformation will continue on from this weekend, with more confidence, more gratitude, more passion, and more experience.


Congrats Andie on all the progress you have made, you are an inspiration!

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