CINCH League - A Place to Learn Tactics, Strategy, and Skill While Having Fun

CINCH League - A Place to Learn Tactics, Strategy, and Skill While Having Fun


At CINCH our coaching goes beyond traditional workouts.  We engage our athletes and challenge them to practice what they learn in training in fun events.


One of the teaching events that has proved successful for our group is a virtual CINCH League.  The concept of CINCH league is much different than the traditional races you may have experienced on ZWIFT or in other races. 


CINCH League divides the athletes into teams and creates a race scenario in which the teams make a strategy ahead of time and execute it real-time during the event.  Each rider on each team has a defined role given to them prior to the race to help them hone in their focus and also to understand their responsibility to the team in the overall picture. 


What is really effective about Virtual CINCH League is that communication between the coach and the riders as well as between the teammates is at a premium.  The coaches can give real time instructions to the group while the teams can make real time adjustments amounts each other.


The result is a top level learning environment that is safe and fun.  Some of the things these riders learn are:


  • How to form and ride in a breakaway.
  • How to chase in the peloton.
  • How to position in the peloton.
  • How to work as a team.
  • How to attack.
  • How to cover attacks.
  • How to ride solo off the front.
  • How to counter attack.
  • How to surge or attack on a climb.
  • How to follow surges or attacks on a climb.
  • What to do if you get dropped.


The list goes on and on, but you get it.  There are so many fun things to learn in cycling and this @gozwift platform is proving an optimal way to teach, practice, and simply have fun with them.






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