CINCH Weekend Race Recap April 17th and 18th

CINCH Weekend Race Recap April 17th and 18th

It was an incredible weekend for CINCH athletes who executed great race performances across the country in many different disciplines.  The CINCH program is more than just fitness training, it is about coaching in the four pillars of performance: Fitness, Execution, Nutrition, and Mindset. 

 As events start to re-emerge they provide the athletes both as targets to work towards as well as tests that they can learn from to improve.  We provide a process and support for our athletes that turn competition into a controlled and comfortable environment for optimal  personal growth, rather than a chaotic and stressful experience.

The CINCH ELITE Pro Women rode an excellent race at the Cobb Lake Road Race executing the plan well setting up Lauren De Crescenzo to take a solo win by over 6 minutes.

Jennifer Cubillas, Tracey Jacobs, Annie Poland, and Andie Fasen were aggressive for the first half of the race relentlessly attacking the peloton shedding rider after rider.  Meanwhile leader LDC waited patiently until she felt the group start to fatigue on the dirt road lead into the climb. 

With half the race to go Lauren upped the pace to see if anyone had the legs to follow, but no one could respond.  Seeing a small gap, her teammates immediately got on the wheels of their rivals ready to follow their efforts in chasing Lauren.

The L-Train had departed the station on her new Colnago G3X with Knight Road Wheels (which she will race the upcoming The Unbound on.)  LDC took the victory thanks to excellent teamwork, fitness, equipment, and execution.






The CINCH ELITE Pro Men took third place with an excellent late race move by Jim Snitzer, who dropped the peloton on the final dirt road section and solo’d to a 3rd place finish.

However, the day did not go as planned.  The race started off rough for the team as they were out of position early and missed the strong two rider break that took off in the first minutes of the race.

Knowing they made a mistake it was visible they were frustrated and down they were unable to execute the original team plan.  But they worked together well as a team, rallied, and put together a plan to try for a podium placing.

Andy Lydic, Wil Gavato, Q Chiapperino, and Alex Pilgrim crushed the last quarter of the race setting Jim to launch and ride to win from the peloton and take third overall.





We are so proud of everyone for being strong through this pandemic and living life Forward Focused.  Let’s go and attack next week as we all know, there is Nothing Good Back There!  Here are some of the highlights from CINCH athletes this past weekend!


1st Place - Lauren De Crescenzo - Cobb Lake Road Race

1st Place - Angus Calder - Beaumont Road Criterium

1st Place - Tony Hardwick - Moose Run TT

1st Place - Molly Baron - Cobb Lake Road Race

2nd Place - Simon Shukhman - Cobb Lake Road Race

2nd Place - Melvin Pickard - Rollfast 4 x 8 Challenge

3rd Place - Jim Snitzer - Cobb Lake Road Race

3rd Place -John Lyons - Rollfast 8 x 8 Challenge

3rd Place - Aden Wardrop - East Canyon Road Race

3rd Place - Bob Kuehn - Northwest TT series

4th Place - Chris Prichard - Waterloo Gravel 100k

4th Place - David Skylar - Run TT

5th Place - Layne Michael - GNCC #5 Tiger Run

6th Place - Ryan Rowell - GCC Road Race

6th Place - Andie Fasen - Cobb Lake Road Race

7th Place - Annie Poland - Cobb Lake Road Race

9th Place - Tracey Jacobs - Cobb Lake Road Race



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