CON•CEPT Spain this summer was so much fun and proved to be so valuable for our athletes that we had to sneak in one more camp this year. Don't worry, no corners were cut in the creation of this CON•CEPT Colorado, this camp is going to be like everything we do at CINCH; NEXT LEVEL. 
CON•CEPT Spain was a "Stage Race Simulation Cycling Experience," where riders were put on teams and raced through challenges to accumulate points over the course of the week, utilizing their rider types and different abilities to try and win the Yellow jersey. Spain was tons of fun, But CON•CEPT Colorado is a whole different animal. CON•CEPT Colorado will unluck huge potential as coach Tom walks the CINCH athletes through a transformational process using the latest CINCH mindset strategies. After months of preparation, we're finally ready to roll out the red carpet for these incredibly powerful mindset strategies, and Mindset Performance Chains.
Day 1 will be an incredible learning experience for all the CINCH athletes as coach Tom dives deep into the mindset strategies, how they tie into the zones, and when they are used out on the road training, and in competition. After a seminar, the group will take the road to go through the drills set out to stimulate the minds and bodies of all the athletes to experience all of the different mindsets in their potential. 
On Day 2 athletes will be introduced to the Performance Chains mindset strategies, learning the power of being in control of the triggers, processes, and states, of all things in their cycling. Athletes will then take the road and practice proactive and reactive drills to maximize the understanding of the power of these important CINCH Performance Chains. 
Day 3, you guessed it, a Battle royal where CINCH athletes will be placed on teams and put into scenario's to use their new super powerful Mindset Strategy tools. The teams will compete for the ultimate bragging rights, champions of CON•CEPT Colorado, overcoming the mind. 

We're absolutely stoked to see everyone at the camp next week, and we can't wait to get this one underway. If you're not currently a member of CINCH and would like to learn more about what we do, and how we coach athletes of all ability levels please check out this LINK . If you're not a member and you'd like to come to CON•CEPT Colorado, please email us. 


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