Convert Failure To Success

Convert Failure To Success


In the process, there is no pass/fail. There is only progress.

As a coach at CINCH, my job is to create a path for people to grow, and then I do my best to keep them following the mapped route. 

People tend to use the process as a measurement of how good they are. Often, I was guilty of this as a professional athlete myself. The truth is, This way of thinking and living will hold you back!

The process is NOT a way to prove how good you are by hitting your marks. The process is about focusing on your effort during the challenge, not that actual mark!

All the lessons and all the growth is not found in the result, but in the process chasing that result. Whether you hit the mark or not, the process is a success because you did push, you did the challenge, you did grow, and you did learn critical things in your path to becoming better.

So change your thinking this week during your process. Stop looking at your efforts as pass/fail and go ALL IN by looking at them as part of your path to progress.  

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