Finding Purpose in Your Cycling

Finding Purpose in Your Cycling


It’s a word that is easy to say, but difficult to define what it means for each of us personally. Regardless, we perform best when we live with it.

The purpose of why you do what you do always outweighs how good you stack up to others in it. In fact, comparing yourself to others just simply limits you.

When you define your why, there is simply nothing that can hold you back with this mindset.

Your purpose is what fuels you. Your purpose is what rewards you. Your purpose is what creates fulfillment for you and brings you happiness.

I train today as a business owner today with a different purpose than I did as a professional athlete.

In years past my purpose looked something like personal quest focused around becoming a better version of “me” to chase race results. However, today the purpose of my cycling training journey is to go through the process of physically growing to relate to those who I am coaching better.

When I push myself I am reminded how humbling it feels. I experience the same feelings of progression and failure that my students feel.

I am also juggling family, work, and training the same as well. I miss workouts, fall behind, and get frustrated with my poor planning too.

But having this purpose of why I am doing it is important. Without it I can easily fall into the trap of comparing myself to others, or even comparing myself to when I was a pro at the peak of my career. My one hour workout might seem an insignificant effort in comparison to a six hour mountain ride in the Pyrenees.

You see, when I challenge myself to grow from my current state, I can always win.

Breaking through current barriers gives me new feelings of freedom, strength, direction, confidence, and endless daily pursuit.

So do your best to identify and understand your purpose.  Put it front and center, and live a fulfilled life in everything you do.

Be aware that your purpose is gonna change as you change. Sometimes your purpose is going to be glamorous, other times it may be downright embarrassing. But whatever it is, own it, push forward using it, and I promise you everything will become better for you in all aspects in your life.  

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