Got Carbs?

Got Carbs?

Got carbs?

I would say the number one thing that holds most riders back from progressing is the timing and the amount of carbohydrates they eat before, during, and after their ride.


For some the reason for falling short is a simple as they don’t plan their meals around their training. For others it’s intentional as they purposely restrict their carbs to lose weight or even to try to improve their endurance.


Whatever the reason is for training without the right amount of carbs, it’s detrimental to growth in training.


Signs of being too low on carbs in training can be:



•achy muscles

•inability to push hard

•constant feeling that legs are not recovered

•unable to hit sustained efforts at or above lactate threshold.


At CINCH we detail the needed macros for each athlete specific to their daily workload in each zone.


Counting calories does not tell the story and often leads to restrict carbs to meet lower calorie goals.


Timing and applying the right carb macros consistently improves performance, increases growth possibilities, and improves recovery.


Track your macros and make sure you are getting what you need, when you need it to perform your best.



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