How Cycling Can Help You Overcome Real-Life Problems

How Cycling Can Help You Overcome Real-Life Problems

Adversity is always opportunity.


Climbing is so much like real-life adversity.


You have the choice to attack it, struggle up it, or quit and turn around.


If you attack it, mentally you embrace the pain, overcome it, and create new physical and mental ability from it.


If you chose to let the hill dictate your feelings, you struggle. You get lost in the effort, often questioning why you are doing it. It takes longer, it hurts worse, and you get less benefit out of it.


If you chose to quit, you avoid the initial pain, but you are only prolonging the inevitable. You lose confidence, you get no fulfillment, and you lose your need of physical/mental growth.


Do you see adversity this way as well? Which way do you handle it?


I say go ALL IN, attack it, and grow!!!

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