How To Bounce Back From Failure

How To Bounce Back From Failure

Failure is the most valuable thing you will encounter.

Wait what?!

Did you know failure is the foundation for success?

So why are so many people afraid of it? This is because we are taught to “not accept failure” in the very institutions that we practice it regularly.

Failure is disguised as “hard work” in training and preparing. But for some reason when it’s time to perform, it’s unacceptable.

Guys, we need to constantly grow and push ourselves to fulfill the key human need of progression.

So when you do fall short, and “fail,” simply change your perspective and follow these three steps to turn your adversity into your next greatest success.

1️⃣ Own

Your fault or not, just own that it happened to you because of something you did, someplace you were, or something you are lacking. Simple. Now you have control to learn from this and make a process to avoiding it in the future.

2️⃣ Overcome

This is usually nasty but this is the hero stuff. Roll your sleeves up and get dirty using your grit and strength to get through this tough time. It’s ok to be in pain, it’s ok to be sad, and it’s ok to struggle. Embrace it and just freaking grind through it.

3️⃣ Outshine

This is the best part! After taking control and then smashing through the struggle, you now have become amazing. You are now at a new level and it’s time for you to do something with it. Take the leap of faith into bigger challenges and greater performances by accepting that you will now outshine your previous version of yourself. Sounds simple, but actually committing to be great is as much of a challenge as actually becoming great.

Own, Overcome, and Outshine.

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