How To Create Confidence When You Feel Insecure

How To Create Confidence When You Feel Insecure

How do you create confidence?

Well, confidence is a precious commodity as a cyclist, and we have four steps for you to create it.

1. Pivot away from negativity.

It is critical to put negative criticism, disappointing results or difficult days behind you. You have to pivot once a bad day is over and look ahead to the next challenge using a positive mindset to give you energy and confidence to turn that corner. Your outlook and perspective has a powerful influence on your energy level, and if you can make it a positive one, you will find yourself able to confidently move forward.

2. Sharply focus on your personal strengths.

The fastest and most effective way to create this positive energy is by looking inward. The simple reflection and self-awareness of personal abilities, skills, and direction you possess in which you view as positive creates on energized self-confidence.  A place to help you quickly find this positive self attributes that create this energized confidence could be you found in something you have been doing well recently in training. Whatever the positive self-attributes you have, look inward to start the flame of self-confidence. 

3. Beware of the negativity trap.

In today’s world, negativity is everywhere flooding and suffocating us before we even have a chance to look inward — at races, group rides, on Twitter. The people with negative things to say are very loud.  Also, be aware of the trap of becoming negative yourself to join the others. Expressing negativity is an easy way to bond with other people because everyone has something negative to gripe about. 

4. Own that you have control.

It is you who is responsible for your success.  Your struggles, whether they are your fault or not, it is your choice to get stuck with insecurity, or move forward with positive confidence.  

What you will experience is that the world will look like you want it to. In every race, ride, workplace interaction, or anything else,  there’s always a good and a bad side. You can either see it positively or negatively. Challenge yourself to take a negative situation and flip it. Find the positive in it and feel energized with the self confidence you pivot with.


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