How To Create More Power Seated

How To Create More Power Seated

Have you ever been gapped out of a turn? 

What about having to chase back to a wheel in a peloton or paceline? 

Or needed to accelerate in rough or loose terrain to get through it?

In these situations you need more power, but just pushing down on the pedals is not enough.  The proper technique is needed to guide your power to the best delivery in order to get the job done.

In this video we demonstrate the “Seated Acceleration Flats” technique. 

There are three key components, or “Points of Power,” as we call them.

1. Thumbs are on top of the hoods to create a strong lock on the bars. This is used to pull in on the hoods while bringing in the elbow towards the core with each downstroke. The elbows are bent to help engage and use core on each downstroke.⁠

2. Pelvis is forward on front of seat and rotated down to get in front of downstroke making it more powerful.⁠

⁠3. Heels are up starting on the bottom of upstroke while on the downstroke you drop the heel down over the top of it each time.⁠

⁠Try using this technique specifically focusing on your execution.  We you put it all together you will notice that not only will you get more speed, faster.  But you will also be able to create more power with ease in the seated position.


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