How To Get Better Results Next Season

How To Get Better Results Next Season


Did you put in the hard work in 2019, but feel the results did not match up?


Did you have the ride performances you wanted? Did you achieve the race results you targeted?


If you fell short on your objectives this year you are not alone. It’s actually more common than not that athletes in cycling put in excessive work that produces results far less than their intent of what the work was for.


I put together a list of five reasons why athletes fall short in their racing and or group riding objectives despite training hard. 


1. You focused too much of your training time on improving steady-state performances. News flash, there is no performance in cycling that is steady state-specific, not even time trialing. The only steady riding in cycling is when you are off-the-back dropped. 


2. You are uncomfortable in the group so you put yourself in the wrong place at the decisive moments in the rides and races. This can look like pulling at the front when there is nothing happening and then white-knuckling your handlebars at the back while the race-winning move is forming at the front.


3. You have no strategic plan going into the ride or race. You enter the race/ride with the only objective of going “hard.” This results in you using your hard-earned fitness "bleeding" power all over the place closing gaps, pulling too hard, riding too far behind the riders ahead of you, moving up the group in times that you should be staying put. 


4. You believe you need to take any opportunity that presents itself as you do not prioritize patience and timing. This results in you going off the front solo at times where there is no place to go (flatter terrain, group not riding hard) and burning energy before the key moments.


5. You are too focused on your corner entry speed (or lack of) and incorrectly push too hard into the corner. This results in you dropping needed speed in the middle of turns and then having to make a race-winning attack to close gaps while the others are riding easier.



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