How To Improve Your Cornering: The Entrance

How To Improve Your Cornering: The Entrance

Proper cornering technique is work of art. One of the most fun sensations on a bike is when you set up a corner just ride and carve through it feeling as if your bike is on rails.

There are three key parts to cornering:

I. The Entrance

II. The Apex

II. The Exit

Today we are going to look at the first part, the entrance.  This is really where it goes wrong for most riders.  A typical problem we see is that riders force the entrance of the turn; meaning they go too fast into the turn. This forces them to brake in the front, and thus, taking a poor line through the apex of the turn, exiting the turn slowly.

In this video we give a some tips on how to set up your corner entrance properly.  In the end of the video, we show you how that proper entrance fits together with the other components of the corner. 

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