How to Make the Attack that Sticks!

How to Make the Attack that Sticks!


How do you make an attack that sticks?


You’ve been in group rides, races, or even virtual events were you or other riders keep throwing attacks but never can get away.


So why are they not working? Is it because no one is “letting” you go?


No. It’s because your attacks are too hard and too short to create a gap.


It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and spike way over the zones to launch a huge attack. But because you go too hard, the attack only lasts 10 seconds or less! Listen, EVERYONE can go hard for 10 seconds!


The second trap in attacking too hard is that you are left “drowning” in lactate with no life preserver of a downhill in sight!


So even if you do get a gap, the chasing riders behind are able to close the gap and often times, then launch a successful counter attack that you can’t respond too.


Oh nooooo!


The solution to this is find your short surge zone that you can do repeated attacks at around 30 seconds long. Keep working that ability as well as clearing lactate from that effort close to your threshold in a time of 30 seconds or a little more.


Give this concept a try and you will find yourself breaking the invisible leash and riding away from everyone!




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