How to Move in the Peloton

How to Move in the Peloton

iding in the peloton is difficult and often leaves riders who are not “aggressive” dejected as they keep getting shuffled to the back.


The truth is you don’t have to ride aggressively to be in good position in the group.


Cycling is NOT a sport where aggressive and physical riding is rewarded. In fact, this style of riding is penalized with loss of momentum, a less direct path, and many times massive crashes.


So how in the world do you hold your position or even move up in a group then?

I am going to share with you three simple tricks to improve your peloton positioning.


1. Use your legs.

Sounds crazy right? Well, stop worrying about drafting to save energy and start focusing on positioning to use less overall effort. To stay in the front, or get to the front, the number one thing to do is work for it. These small, but constant efforts to keep moving forward are what keep you in the best part of the group.


2. Fill the holes.

Every-time you see a gap in the group, fill it (without knocking others). This is the game of cycling, it’s just like Tetris. Keep placing yourself surgically in each hole that appears ahead. You will see they constantly appear as riders are always shuffling, so if you don’t see one, wait a second and voila, another opportunity to move up.


3. Use your handlebar as a turn signal.

The leading handlebar always has the right of way in the group. So if you are behind someone’s handlebar, and you want to move right or left, you have to wait until your bar is in front of theirs, or far enough behind. Visa versa, if they choose to move while their handlebar is in front of you, you must back down. Again, this is your incentive to always move forward and fill the holes you your handlebars own the right of way to freely move in the peloton.


Try these three tips and focus on being a cool/calm pickpocket of the group to get your positions rather than an aggressive teenager in a rock concert mosh pit.

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