How To Optimally Loose Weight Through Cycling

How To Optimally Loose Weight Through Cycling

Fuel your weight loss.

Wait, are saying to eat for weight loss?  Not how to restrict for weight loss?

Yes. I believe the number one focus is losing weight by fueling to improve performance. Weight gain is usually due to lack of physical growth and often this comes from fueling with the wrong foods.

Here are ten simple (CINCH) ways you can improve your fueling to gain performance AND lose weight.

1. Eat anti-inflammatory foods: Examples of foods with anti-inflammatory properties are avocados, vegetables, quinoa, and cold-water fish.

2. Limit dairy and refined white starches: Too much dairy can make weight loss difficult because our bodies weren't created with the enzymes to digest diary properly.

3.  Limit alcohol: Your liver has two jobs- burn fat and rid your body of toxins. When you drink, your liver has to take time away from burning fat to pump the toxins out.

4.  Eat for your activity: More intense riding = more carbs needed. Less riding = more protein, healthy fats. 

5.  Unlimited vegetables: Eat as much and as many as you want, especially raw.

6.  Eat small meals throughout the day: Eating mini-meals throughout the day can aid in weight-loss; you should never feel full. Use smaller plates and bowls and wait at least 15 minutes between helpings. 

7.    Meal prep: The key to success comes with preparation. Spend a couple of hours on Sunday prepping your lunches and snacks: cutting your veggies, grilling your chicken, cooking your rice, and sweet potatoes.  

8.    Green and lean dinners:  While your pre and post-ride meal needs to consist of fast assimilating carbs, you can go a little leaner at dinner.  Combine lean protein with unlimited veggies and a touch of healthy fats.

9.    Drink water and lots of it: The brain often confuses thirst for hunger. Even mild dehydration can aggravate the digestive system. So start your day off with a tall glass of purified water with freshly squeezed lemon to hydrate and detoxify.

10.  Choose organic food: Fresh organically grown food has more nutrient value and tastes better, and organic meats and dairy don't contain hormones and antibiotics. The more nutrient-dense your food is, the less you over eat.

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