How to Optimize Your Cycling Progression

How to Optimize Your Cycling Progression

Everyone is always looking for the secret diet, special training method, or new bike to get faster.  But the reality is simply being consistent with your training is the action that will have the biggest impact on your cycling.


At CINCH we have a process we call the Three P’s to optimize our clients progression through consistency.



Yes, make a plan or have someone make one for you. When you do this often times you create something that realistically fits into your life (or weather).



In combination to having a plan to do, you need to prioritize your schedule to match with your plan. This often looks like placing your workouts in times of the day where it will not cause friction (or interfere) with other things in schedule.



Sometimes we plan, and prioritize but something gets in the way (like the weather.) Pivoting in this case is done by looking at where you are, and where you want to go, and committing to taking a different path to the original destination. For an example: today I had to pivot because of the cold rain. I shortened my ride, and then made my climbing intervals shorter, BUT I still did the same zones, and execution, just less.


Try the Three P’s if you are struggling with your consistency in your training.

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