How to Overcome Your Bad Days on The Bike

How to Overcome Your Bad Days on The Bike


Do you ever find yourself quitting in the middle of a workout, blaming it on a bad day?


Have you ever found yourself dropping out of a race when things were not going right, blaming the difficulty you were having on the bad month you had leading up to it?


Or ever find yourself in a mental funk, blaming it on a loss of motivation from your year not going the way you planned?


Stop wasting your time trying to categorize your experiences, efforts, days, and years as good and bad. You are just finding excuses to justify what you already know. 


Things don’t work out, shit happens, we fall short, our experiences do not meet our expectations ALL OF THE TIME.


This way of thinking does not help you progress, instead, it forces you to stay stagnant and lose momentum.


But the reality is, the “bad” is where you actually find what you need to create the “good.” That’s right, you actually move forward when the bad happens and you adapt. You build new abilities when you pivot and overcome the bad.


So I challenge you to look at things differently from today on.


Experiences, events, and days that go as planned, or “good” let’s now look at them as PRACTICE. Here we are practicing what we already can do. We are using our ability, skill, and direction that we already have.


In contrast, experiences, events, and days that do not live up to our expectations now look at as GROWTH. With each of these moments that we fall short, we pivot, adapt, and grow new ability, skill, and direction.



To progress in cycling and in life, from a high-performance perspective, you need both continuous PRACTICE and GROWTH. Progress is a constant balance between these two.


Overcome your bad days on the bike by changing your perspective of what they represent in your progress and acknowledge their need in your journey to get to the next level.

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