How To Overcome Your Weaknesses

How To Overcome Your Weaknesses

Resource over force.

Time trialing was never a natural strength of mine. I struggled as I was a lightweight rider with a small frame.

But, instead of obsessing over the fact that I was not as powerful as many of the other riders, I became resourceful of what I did have.

As a natural climber, I had the ability to do long efforts while managing high amounts of lactate. I was able to think clearly under physical pressure and in pain for this long durations as well.

Using those two abilities, I began to create new skills in alternating power zones and cadences ranges to “surf” the terrain. I learned to read to road like a mountain bike trail, looking for any upcoming transition that I could change my cadence and power to create more speed. Then I would learn how to use different gearing and pedal strokes to hold that speed, at less power.

This technique I created by being resourceful with what I had led me to develop into a rider who not only took time from the climbers in stage races, but even won time trial races over larger, more powerful riders.

Today, I coach this same technique and concept to riders of all abilities, ages, and disciplines to success.

So don’t let your weaknesses and places of friction in your life get you down. Instead, manage your ability, create new skills, and develop a new direction to master this struggle of the past!

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