How To Rebound When You Get Discouraged

How To Rebound When You Get Discouraged

In cycling, sport, and life (for that matter) it is easy to get discouraged when times get difficult.  Road blocks and friction will pop up along your journey that set you back or give you a result that does not match up with your expectations. 

But I am here to tell you that this is ok.  Simply put, it is ok to feel discouraged.  This feel is just yourself asking questions.  While these questions might be uncomfortable,  you should answer them. 

In those answers you will spark your “why,” essentially the reasons why you are here to fight and to grow. Sometimes when times get difficult it is easy to feel sorry for yourself and think that the work you are doing is because you “have to.” But that is not the reality.  You are doing it for you.

Owning your situation and looking at your location in your journey is game changing.  In seeing where you truly are at, not where you think you should be, you will see that it is possible to move forward from there.  That is possible to get better than you were yesterday.  So how do you answer those questions you find yourself asking?

Questions like:

"Who am I? 

"Why am I in this situation?" 

"What outcome do I want?"


You answer with conviction:

"I am someone who wants to grow to my next level."

"I am here to give, not to take."

"I want to see what I can achieve when I commit, and work hard."

Listen, next time when you feel discouraged, remember: “You got this.” Your struggle is the fuel for the fire you need to get where you want. 

Own the fuel, embrace the opportunity the challenge presents, and go ALL IN to lighting the past on fire to achieve a beautiful new future.

 Let's do this because YOU GOT THIS!

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