How To Silence Self-Doubt

How To Silence Self-Doubt

We all struggle with negative thoughts and self-talk. 

So how do you deal with the inevitable negative thought,  “What if I am not good enough?”

You proactively replace that thought with the phrase (CINCH Core Performance Quality): "I am Here to Give, Not to Take."

But first of all, it is ok to have negative thoughts, it is normal. 

Any sport feeds our natural impulse to compare ourselves to the competition.

Cycling is especially harsh that way because instead of simply winning or losing a tennis game or a round of golf, you could end up finishing 57th out of 71 riders in a race. It’s no surprise that I hear a lot of athletes complain that they aren’t as good as the competition.

However, the results sheet is really one of the most disruptive things a cyclist can look at if they’re trying to improve. There are so many variables that went into that one piece of paper. The majority  of those factors  were totally out of your control. 

Besides competition, sport can steer us towards trying to meet or beat performance expectations.  PR times to hit, power to hold, and past averages can influence us to give up mid effort because we are afraid of falling short.  

Riders more often than not let competition and performance expectations negatively influence their mindset, their training, and even their fundamental love of the sport.

What if you took all the competitors and performance expectations out of the equation.  This CPQ is all about centering your belief on your effort that is part of your own proven process. By doing this you immediately shed comparing yourself to others, fear of failure, and pressure to perform.  Instant freedom creates the environment  to give your best effort.

So please replace your concern with how you stack up against the overs with the phrase and CPQ “I am Here to Give, Not to Take." By doing this you’ll be able to overcome the high pressure situations, fight through the toughest of rides, and conquer the most competitive environments.

The best part of this CPQ is it creates the foundation to consistently execute in the increasing number of high pressure/competitive situations you will find yourself in as you progress.

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