How To Start Your Comeback

How To Start Your Comeback

Time off the bike can be difficult to return from.  Whether it is planned for an unplanned vacation due to injury or illness, this disruption from your training routine or fitness you are used to enjoying can make things difficult for you. 

Honestly, the toughest part to get right of it all is the actual start.  Usually people make one of three mistakes in the start: 1. Start with too much, too soon.  2. Don’t start with a plan. 3. Put off starting.  

This is how we believe you can optimize your start back to regaining your fitness.

  1. Own the situation you are in.  Whatever the reason is why you took the time off, own it.  If it was a vacation, appreciate the time away that has grown your love of your training more.  If it was a forced stop like an injury, own the new challenge in-front of you.   Avoid minimizing your situation as that will lead you to try and skip over the important details needed to progress.
  2. Get romantic about the comeback.  Hey, comebacks are sexy!  Don’t try to hide it, put it front and center.  Make a movie about your comeback and really glorify every detail of the challenges you are faced with.  So you gained weight?  Awesome.  Get fired up and lose it!  No one can relate to perfection, but everyone can relate and be inspired by your battle back.
  3. Make a plan with an expert before you start.  Most people think they will first start riding to get back in shape before they get help.  No no no no!  Experts know the right path for your situation and how to guide you on it.  Lean on them and use them to make your comeback safe, efficient, and optimal.  Time is the one thing you can’t get back, so don’t waste it.
  4. Don’t look back!  There’s nothing good back there!  Avoid comparing yourself or your progress to how you were “before.”  Return to point # 1 and adjust your perspective to what your situation is now.  Look up and only focus on moving forward 
  5. Start Today! There are a lot of things you can get away with procrastinating on, but your health and well-being is not one.  Just like in #3, time is not something you can get back.  This is for you.  Start now and take care of yourself. 

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