How to Stop Numb Hands While Riding

How to Stop Numb Hands While Riding


Numb hands?  Feel a lack of control?


Proper hand grip and hand position can change your cycling comfort and performance.


As a coach, I often hear riders complaining of numb hands and stiff necks after their rides.  Most bike fitters try and resolve this issue by raising the handlebars up or even suggesting riders change frames to increase the high stack height.


But what I have found, this is just a bandaid from a simple problem: hand grip and hand position.


The solution in a change in grip technique will not only reduce your hand numbness and neck pain, but it will also help you control your bike better and produce more power while riding.


In this video I show you the proper grip and hand position technique which is built around two simple components:


I. Heal of the Hand Placement

II. Thumb Placement


How you set these two components for you on the handlebars will make a huge difference in your comfort and performance.


Alright, watch the video and then give it a try!


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