How to Stop Performance Anxiety

How to Stop Performance Anxiety

Does anxiety to perform ever hold you back from achieving what you know you are capable of?


You are not alone as many athletes are crippled with fear of failure. It’s a normal struggle, but it’s also one you can end by simple changing your perspective.


I have a simple mindset adjustment that will free you from your performance driven anxiety.


Plan to give instead of take.


Shift your focus to 100 percent of your effort and attention to what you can give. Align all of you ability, all of your skills, and aim them into the direction of giving everything you have to the moment.


At the same time, kill all expectations of want you want or plan on taking. So no more expectations of what numbers you could hit, or riders you should beat, or even what place you should finish.


The game now has changed now. All you have to do is pour everything you have into your performance.  It’s now a one way street, you just have to go in one direction!! Give your best performance with no need to take any reward or confirmation from it. Now the pressure and anxiety is gone.

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