How To Use Your Mind To Make your Climbing Easier and Faster

How To Use Your Mind To Make your Climbing Easier and Faster

The mind is the most powerful tool we have.  At CINCH we spend much of our focus equipping our clients with mental tools to drive their new level of fitness wit their mind.

Climbing is one of the most challenging aspects in cycling and therefor needs the best of the best mental tools to succeed with it.  To master climbing you must find the flow state during a time when your body is screaming at you to stop and your bike just doesn’t seem to want to move forward!


Climbs are long and often people mentally force the climb going into hard mentally, then physically, and they burn out well before the climb has finished.  To help with this we have The Water Mindset.  This state uses enough energy to keep you moving forward up the climb, in the flow, and fast. But it doesn’t unnecessarily stress your nervous system and keeps you in a lower PTZ which helps you conserve energy. 


There are three key cues that help you find and achieve the flow of the Water Mindset.  They are:


I. Breathe

Focus on deep controlled exhalation.


II. Relax

Loosen grip with hands and release muscle tension in fore arms


III. Say

“I flow, I do not force my path”


Give these cues a try on your next climb, virtual or real, and flow up the climb instead of forcing it and WIN YOUR CLIMB!

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