Inside Unbound Gravel - Stories of Struggle and Success

Inside Unbound Gravel - Stories of Struggle and Success

 At Unbound, everyone has an incredible story. 

This year we had our largest group ever if athletes take the start and set off to win their rides.

Winning your ride is about setting personal goals using three key components as your North Star:

  1. The Why (your purpose)
  2. The Perspective (your story)
  3. The Outcome (what you want)

The win comes when you set your clear goals and hit them through your best race-day execution.   

Below you will notice some of these wins are not even finishes.  This is because sometimes there are B factors that are outside of your control.  But your wins are around your A game and how you executed.  It is better to try and win your execution and have things go wrong rather than to hold back and give less to ensure things go smoothly. 


Congratulations to these CINCH badasses who won their EXTREMELY difficult rides at Unbound this year.


Laura Henderson: 1st in 40-49 in Women's 100

Airika Romsdahl: 1st in 40-49 in Women's 50

Jim Everett: 3rd in 60-69 Men's 100

Sarah Skelly: 5th in 30-39 Women's 100

Kirsten Alder: 5th in 50-59 Women's 100

Grace (Meredith) Gieske: 5th in Women's 19-29 100

Tom Rabiola: 8th in 60-69 Men's 50

David Moynihan: Top 15 in 35-39 Men's 200 with a smoking 11:40 time.

Emily Judge: Top 15 in 19-29 Women's 100

Matt Breeden: Top 25 in 45-49 Men's 200 taking 5 hours off his best time.

Avery Gibson: Top 25 in 16-29 Men's 200 and beating the sun.

Matt Woolly: 27th in the Unbound 100 30-39

Mike Kitson: Finished the 100 in 7:03 after a bad flat and 39th in the 60-69 out of 151 riders.

Julie Fisher: Completed 200 miles before the cutoff!

Stephen Maurer: Completed the 100 under 7 hours and finished in the top 20% of competitors.

Justin Scott: Completed 100 miles (under 9 hours) helping his friends finish.

Charles King: Completed his first Unbound 100

Chris Blaydon: Under 7 hours for Men's 100 after a bad flat.

Alvaro Franco: Completed his first Unbound 100

Tori Dippold: Made front group for half the 200 pro race until she was out with a mechanical.

Donoven Francis: With the lead group until a crash at mile 65 of Men's 100.

Tom Danielson: With the winning move until mile 80 of Men's 100.


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