Paceline Riding Tips

Paceline Riding Tips



Riding in a paceline is a common part of cycling, road, gravel, and mtb.  It can be quite challenging at times.

We are going to give you 10 simple tips that will dramatically improve your paceline riding skills and performance.

But first, let’s address a simple question: What is the purpose of a paceline?

The purpose of a paceline is to work as a group, together, to USE THE LEAST AMOUNT OF ENERGY to go faster than you would have gone alone.

Say what? You mean a paceline is not used to hurt other riders and drop as many people as possible?


So no more “ninja star” pacelines!!! Instead please follow these 10 tips to make a fast, safe, and efficient paceline:

1. Look up the road, not down at the wheel that is in front of you.

2. Ride slightly off to one side of the rider in front you.

3. Take longer pulls in the headwind.

4. Take shorter pulls in the tailwind.

5. Flick elbow to signal which side the rider behind you pulls through on.

6. Keep pedaling while you drop back.

7. Only stand at the back of the paceline.

8. Use the front brake like a clutch. Keep pedaling while applying it to slow.

9. Do not stop pedaling while in the paceline.

10. Match the speed of the group when you pull. Do not try to raise it.

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