Seated Technique That Will Make You Faster

Seated Technique That Will Make You Faster

Technique is everything.

At CINCH we focus a lot on teaching and developing optimal technique.  Power is often the only focus, but when you have good technique you can go much faster with less power.

Here we have CINCH athlete Ethan Overson using very good seated technique to ride away solo and win a criterium.  Ethan is a rider that is in between all the Rider Type “norms” and thus, technique is the one of the big separators for him.  He is bigger than most climbers, but he can climb better than them.  He is smaller and less powerful than most sprinters, yet he can beat them in sprints.  He has less threshold power than most time trialists, but he can beat them in TT’s.

Ethan's race winning performances are great examples of how the little things make the big differences.  Let’s look at his seated technique and what he does with the Three Points of Power to get maximum power transfer and make his watts faster than the other riders watts.

1. Hands: Thumbs on top the the hoods to create a strong lock on the bars. This is used to pull in on the hoods while bring the elbow towards the core with each downstroke. Elbows are bent to help engage and use core on each downstroke.


2. Core: Pelvis forward on the seat and rotated down to get in front of downstroke making it more powerful.


3. Feet: Heel up on the bottom of upstroke while while pulling up with calves, hamstrings, and hip flexors.  Drop heel down over the top of the downstroke and drive with it to the bottom of the downstroke.


Using the Three Points of Power with these three techniques, Ethan is able to create more power while making that power faster as it is delivered to the bike in the most effective manner.

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