Seated Technique To Generate More Power

Seated Technique To Generate More Power

Technique makes the winning difference.

Lauren De Crescenzo had a breakthrough year in 2021.  One of the big differences she made was working on new techniques to go with her training.

In this post we have CINCH athlete Lauren De Crescenzo working on her Seated Power Technique on a climb during training. 

Let’s break down what Lauren is doing differently which has helped her generate more power and get more speed out of her riding.

There are Three Points of Power: hands, core and feet.


1. Hands: Thumbs facing forward and positioned near the top of the hoods to create a strong lock on the bars. This is used to pull in on the hoods while bring the elbow towards the core with each downstroke. Elbows are bent to help engage and use core on each downstroke.


2. Core: Pelvis forward on the seat and rotated down to get in front of downstroke making it more powerful.


3. Feet: Heel up on the upstroke while while pulling up with calves, hamstrings, and hip flexors.  Drop heel down over the downstroke and drive downward.


Training the Three Points of Power in this manner is as important to knowing them.  Lauren has specific intervals in which she will have to match specific Power Zone actions with this technique. 

Give this a try and you will also be able to create more power while making the power that you generate faster on the bike as it is delivered to the bike in the most effective manner.

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