Slow Down To Go Faster

Slow Down To Go Faster

What is the biggest mistake you could be making during your training that holds you back from faster progression?

Going too hard between your intervals!

You might be like many athletes, dreaming of that glorious Fatigue Millionaire lifestyle.  Collecting all that TSS, putting it in your fatigue bank account, dreaming of all that amazing fitness you will have when you cash it out down the road.

If you are a Fatigue Millionaire, you likely think that if you keep the pressure on between the intervals, they will get more from your workout.

Well you are right about one thing, you are getting more! More of the things that makes you worse! All this fatigue you are saving up is going cash out as injuries, the “uni-zone” of only able to ride one intensity, mental burnout, no progress, and low energy.

By staying on the gas between your intervals you are collecting more dangerous fatigue in your tendons, depleting your energy resources needed for recovery, and burning the mental candle you need for the real work that truly makes you better.

We recommend completely mentally and physically “checking-out” between your intervals. Take the pressure off your legs and cardiovascular system by just free riding and enjoying the detached workout focus.

We found doing this “check-out” to be one of the things that top pros do that make the biggest increase in their improvement from training.

Many riders just keep the pressure on between intervals trying to get a higher average power, average speed, more distance, and burn more calories from the ride.

While their Strava may look impressive, they waste critical fuel needed to recover, key mental energy needed for the harder workout concepts later on in their rides, and motivation for consistency in their training later on in the week.

Guys, the bottom line is ease off between your intervals to get bigger gains from your workout short term and long term.

Stop collecting fatigue and start building for success!

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