Stop Back Pain With This Warm Up Routine

Stop Back Pain With This Warm Up Routine

Do you get back pain on or from your rides?

Back pain is an unfortunate reality for many of us cyclists. It's a common occurrence for so many of us.

Have you ever been crushing your ride and then suddenly have to ease off the pace because your lower back muscles felt as if they were tied in knots? Or found yourself skipping workouts because you are suffering from excruciatingly sharp pain and numbness radiating down one leg? Or maybe you have a tightness in the upper part of your back that also is accompanied by shoulder/neck pain while causing your chest to tighten up, restricting your breathing when you go hard?

The simple and consistent solution to this is core activation and core strength training.  The good news is both activation and strength training go hand in hand.  When you do your activation exercises prior to each workout you bring these muscle groups into the equation during the workout.

Meaning, the work you do on the bike is also helping you to strengthen your core.  It’s a win win and at the end of the day you will build the core strength you need to not only eliminate your back pain, but also increase your strength on the bike!

In this post we are going to share with you three exercises we include in our pre workout and or race core activation routine.  Give them a try right before you start your workout each day!

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