Stop the Steep Climb Struggle

Stop the Steep Climb Struggle

Steep climbs can really be challenging to get up.  They   often force riders into the red zone, spiking their heart rate, sending their breathing into an uncontrollable tizzy, and leaving them stuck in at in slow speed but in lots of pain!

Does this sound like you?  Well you are in luck, I have some solutions for you!

  1. Look ahead.  Sounds simple but it is challenging because of the steepness of the terrain.  Often we find ourselves looking down at our front wheels and we are not timing our effort with the terrain OR even riding in a straight line (the fastest path.)
  2. Move forward on the bike.  The steep hill shifts your weight back on the bike making it harder to get a good angle on the up and downstroke.  The front of the bike can also be hard to track and control so moving the weight forward really helps you drive and control the bike.
  3. Put your upper body into it.  Bring in your arms and core to help shift your weight to the most optimal position for weight transfer, traction, and balance.
  4. Keep a constant effort.  Another simple one, but many people  slow down subconsciously when they are under physical pressure.  This takes away from the speed that is needed and makes the pain of the steep section longer.
  5. Use the upstroke.  When you are forward over the bike you actually open up the upstroke into a more favorable position.  Being scrunched over the front of the bike the downstroke becomes shorter.  Adding focus to the upstroke will give you more needed power and muscle groups.



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