Strength Training For Cyclists With Allison Westfahl - The Process Podcast Ep 59

In this episode, we break down the best way to strength train for cycling with top personal trainer and Tom Danielson's Core Advantage co-author Allison Westfahl.  We dig into the best ways to build power for cycling off of the bike, the top methods to prevent injuries, and how to come back from an injury.



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Ray M

Allison / Tom love the podcast. Also Allison love the videos from the book on you tube. Question is how many reps do you recommend for your core workout for cyclist? I been using TRX for many years but this core work is completely different. I currently spend three days a week doing strength training. Monday is lower body, Wednesday is TRX and Friday is upper body. I am 69 cat 3 / Master track racer. So always looking for that edge and continued improvement.

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