The Details are What Make the Difference

The Details are What Make the Difference

The details are what make the difference.


I’ll be honest, I learned this the hard way.

When I was racing, I was always searching or chasing after a big change to make the difference.


For an example, I finished 8th in the Tour and then drastically changed my diet the following year in hopes to get waaayy better.


I didn’t look to find places to improve in the small details in my training, technique, mindset, or even nutrition.

Instead I set off on a path to disaster thinking I could dramatically improve my power to weight with a major change, and that would put me on the podium.


Today, as a coach, I work with people helping them discover new performance gains right in the details that they are truly able to manage and control.


A detail I work with many on is in their fitness. But not just raising their threshold.  I work with them to improve their efficiency transitioning between their explosive and threshold zones in unique ways that will immediately improve their climbing performance.


A key mindset detail I coach athletes in is how to use their seemly bad failures or shortfalls in events and workouts to implement and practice life-changing processes to reset and pivot to a new, better level.


An execution detail I work with athletes on is improving their climbing by working on technique with body position and cadence changes while being miles away from any sort of climb in their basement.


So don’t make the mistake I made in my career thinking for big performance gains you need to make big changes.


Work with someone who can help you spot the details that matter and let them guide you to taking action in a resourceful manner to maximize your performance in the right way.


The details will make the difference for you too!

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