The Hand Position Technique For Power to Accelerate

The Hand Position Technique For Power to Accelerate

Hand position for cycling is a critical component of optimal technique.

There is a unique hand position that is used for making accelerations on the bike.  This hand position allows you to really lock your upper body and connect with the bike while providing the leverage you need. 


You can use this technique to produce a more powerful acceleration in and out of the saddle on the flat or climbing terrain.


To do this technique begin by focusing on creating a hand grip that has the thumb latching on at the top of the hood. 


Opposite of the thumb, use the heel of your hand to bear the majority of your body weight, not the center of your hand.


Bring your elbows in towards your core and lower forearms to be parallel to the top tube.


Lock core and off you go to a more powerful acceleration through this hand position technique!

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