The Nutritional Advancements Pros Are Using to Smash Records

The Nutritional Advancements Pros Are Using to Smash Records

Did you know that in the Vuelta this year both Jonas Vingegaard and Primoz Roglic broke the Angliru climbing record held since 2000 by Roberto Heras!  This is after an historic Vuelta which saw Sepp Kuss take home the overall win.

So what are the rider’s in today’s Pro peloton doing differently to legends of the past 20 years to go so much faster?  I believe one of the biggest factors in the increasing speeds are advances in nutrition. 

I think there are a number of factors and nuances to consider but one of the most compelling reasons is that riders are no longer running low on glycogen in races like before.  When I raced at the World Tour level it was accepted that you would be empty on the last climbs.  For example, I would win stages or finish with the first riders with much less power than I could do if it was just one climbing effort alone.

Recent advancements in sports nutrition have created products that give the athlete a way to take in much more fuel without problems absorbing them or stomach discomfort.  This allows riders to preserve their glycogen storages further into the race.  The result, having legs with the ability to push the power of their potential.  That’s right, but able to ride the end of the race closer to what you could do at the beginning of the race!   

In addition to the nutritional products, devices such as Continuous Glucose Monitors, which show the data behind what the body is doing with its carbohydrates, are available to everyone.  HRV tracking devices help us track the effect our fueling has on our sleep and recovery to guide us.  This technology helps us craft and adjust our fueling strategies based on the metrics we are getting in real time from the body. These details sound so simple and small, but they make big differences.  I know from experience a small chink in the armor can lead to big consequences when racing at top level. 

So where do athletes find and get these nutritional products that are making the difference?  The best place for this is The Feed, a company that started in my team’s service course 10 years ago and today is the premiere marketplace for endurance athletes.

The team at The Feed works with all the top World Tour teams as well as with the top coaching groups, like us.  This is how they keep a pulse on what is working.  What I also love about The Feed is that all products must be certified by NSF, the leader in testing supplement purity as well as approving that each company's production facility is clear of any potential banned substance or contaminant.  This is a big deal for the pro athletes, but also for you to make sure things that could be harmful to your health are not getting into your nutrition.

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Before I get into some game changing nutrition, I would like to share a link to our CINCH Nutrition Club Here .  By joining this you become part of our sponsorship program, getting $80 in annual credit, custom water bottles with your name on them, and access to special sales and discounts.  This is a no BS deal, just helping you get what you need to get to the next level.


The Nutritional Products That Are Changing The Game

#1 CARBS During the Ride

Let's just start with one word right now, CARBS.  That is right folks, carbs are what is making the difference.  This is so simple, yet so effective.  Not long ago it was so hard to eat on the bike with hard to swallow bars and gels that hurt your stomach.  Today, there are a number of gels that not only are easy to get down, but have the ingredients to deliver up to 120 grams of carbohydrates an hour into your system.  Research has shown this to be the optimal and maximal amount of carbohydrates per hour that your body can utilize each hour.

The gel that research, as well as my own experience, has shown to be the best is the Never2 Energy Gel.  Yes, it is expensive, but it works and I have yet to have found anything close to as good.  

#2 Preserve Your Glycogen Storages with Ketones

There is a lot of information out there on the use of ketones for training, but the biggest performance benefit is that you can preserve your glycogen storages by using them during training and racing.  This is one of the biggest reasons I think athletes are able to go harder deeper into Grand Tour Stages. I like Ketone-IQ  at home and training and KetoneAid  in the races. 

#3 Make Your High Intensity Efforts More Comfortable by Buffering Lactate 

There are a lot of products that are aimed at reducing the lactate in your body.   The performance benefit here is more about gaining control of your high intensity efforts by reducing the burn around the effort. AMP Human PR Lotion  takes the “edge” off by buffering the lactate in the area you put it on.  I recommend the legs (hahahaha) but I coach motocross athletes where we put on the arms as well.  The AMP will lower your perceived effort and can even help you feel better in the start of those second or third day workouts.  Just like anything in life, if you feel better you tend to perform better.

#4 Get Free Power With Betalains

Yeah, you read that right, free power.  While it is not a lot, Sur ALTRed has been proven to give you a 3.5% increase in power as the Betalains inside help you deliver oxygen to the muscles.  Personally, I live at altitude and I think it helps me produce about 5% more power.  Whatever it is, it works.  I will say, it works best when you use it over time with a good training program (wink, wink) as the improvements become much greater.

#5 Recover Better Through the Post-Ride Refuel 

For many, recovery is an afterthought, but I have learned your training is worthless if you don't recover from it.  When I was a pro, recovery was much simpler than it is nowadays.  Oftentimes I’m squeezing in my workouts in between meetings or after work.  However, whether you are a pro or not, the recovery recipe is the same: getting the right blend of carbs and protein after your workout.  For this I have found the Skratch Horchata Mix to be the best and helps me get what I need right after the workout until I can get a proper meal (still within the 2-hour glycogen window of course!). I will also use this product to top off my glycogen storages before bed if I have a hard ride planned for the following day. I mix it with hot water and it’s very soothing and found it helps my blood sugar graph throughout the night and the digestive enzymes Allan put in really helps digest the dairy. 

#6 Respect Immune Health For Consistent Progress

Just like above, training doesn't work if you don't recover from it.  But the real improvements don't happen unless you are consistent with the process.  When you are a pro-athlete or like me know, working with a family, getting sick is the number one barrier to consistency.  Fitting in your training around work, travel, stress, and the kids bringing home everything from school really makes it tough to avoid getting sick.  However, there is one product I have found to really level up your immune system, Bee Keeper’s Naturals Propolis Spray  .  This one is a real game changer. Oh, and an added benefit I've stumbled across is when I take it consistently my seasonal allergies improve!  

#7 Don't Sleep on Your Sleep Hygiene 

Earlier this year I re-committed to health. Getting more and better quality sleep was a big part of the equation. Since then I started taking Pillar Performance Triple Magnesium Recovery I haven't missed a night. Most sleeping products impair your sleep quality and the recovery pillar does the exact opposite. All of my sleeping metrics have improved and I wake up feeling refreshed and ready.  Also, I have found this supplement to help with regular bowel movements.  Hahahaha, maybe TMI but many of my clients say the same thing.  I just got back from an international trip to the World Championships and the Pillar helped with the sleep and the regular going to the bathroom through my whole trip.  That's a win, right?!

Ok, that's all I have got for you now!  At CINCH we take your nutrition very seriously as it is one of the key four pillars to performance.  If you would like to help you with your training and nutrition please reach out to us here and we will help you crush it!


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