The Performance Numbers Behind El Tour de Tucson

The Performance Numbers Behind El Tour de Tucson

This past weekend the CINCH crew took on El Tour de Tucson.

Aside from the 3 CINCHes here in the finishing photo, there were some massive rides won!

Scott Jones, Todd Schuster, Sheri Swenning, Graham Donaldson, Cyndia Claypoole, Rich Stotlar, and Tucson legend Agent Orange Tom Hadinger all just dominated their rides l!!!

For this post we are going to break down the Pro Team’s performance for you guys!

We kept the strategy simple for them and gave them the plan of getting the three of them into the winning move. They did this by attacking together in the crosswinds as well as countering a move over the top of a sharp roller CINCH style.

It was truly epic to have all three in the winning break of 8. The finish I left up to them to decide what to do to have a learning experience.

They decided to use Sean and Ethan to lead Josh out as Josh was easily the fastest sprinter in the group.

Sean started the lead out with 740w for 30 seconds. Then Ethan took over off of that effort for 20 seconds at 800w maxing out at 1300w. An incredibly fast lead out!

However due to a communication error, Josh was too far back and had to close gaps seeing Josh having to do a 30 second effort of 790 watts with a max of 1170w to the line. Some big numbers at the end of 100 miles, and off of that leadout. However, because of positioning it saw him come second instead of the win. A fantastic result and some top level learning.

So where was the winner, Olympian Jose Ulloa positioned? Right on Ethan’s wheel! Confirmation the leadout was good, and Josh’s numbers were good, just next step is to put them together with positioning and communication.

Great learning for the team both on communication and also awareness. Nevertheless, a super performance from everyone as well!

Got to also show the incredible work Sean Christian did for the team. He was on the front controlling the race from start to finish averaging an insane 261w for 4 hours.  This included a 15 minute effort solo on the front of 380w to bring back a dangerous breakaway!!!! Watch for this 19 year old in 2022!!!!!

Winning your ride is not about winning the race, it’s about winning the details you have control over.


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