The Secret To Increasing Your Speed

The Secret To Increasing Your Speed

Do you want to go really fast?

The secret to extra speed is to work on your ability to combine high power and high cadence while standing.

Most people think high power is the most critical component of an acceleration or an attack.  That is normal as I did too during my racing career.  But the truth is, high cadence is the key to making an acceleration effective. 

High power alone does not always equal high speed.  Think of a car engine.  Simply pressing down on the gas pedal does not give you the best acceleration.  Instead, you must be in a high enough gear that you can spike the rpms which deliver the fastest acceleration.  

The same thing applies to the bike.  High power must be matched with the optimal gear so you can pair it with high rpms (cadence) so that your bike accelerates and does not bog down.  

But why standing?  Standing gives you an extra edge by positioning you more forward over your downstroke to drop your body weight into it, more freedom to move your body to optimize your upstroke, and agility to move side to side over your bike to “sway” it to create more momentum.  

So when is the best time to use the standing high cadence acceleration? 

  1. To increase speed
  2. To close a gap to another rider
  3. To pull in a breakaway or pace line
  4. To attack or sprint
  5. To go all out on a climb, TT, or solo effort

So what cadence is “high cadence?” Well it changes depending on your terrain and or body position.  Below are some examples of suggested High Cadences:

Climbing, Standing - 80+ rpm

Flats, Standing - 85+ rpm

Alright!  What the video below to see more!



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