The Secret to Your Next Level

The Secret to Your Next Level

Consistency is king.

Have you ever wondered how some cyclists endlessly are progressing while others seem to work just as hard but achieve very little? The answer lies in their consistency. There’s no substitute for putting in the work every single day. There's no gene that you are born with that makes someone consistent or not. No matter how many highs lows anyone has, it is the daily grind that counts. You must develop a training process that you can realistically perform every single day in order to stay on the path to on your highest priorities and goals. Much of consistency depends on your ability to hold yourself accountable for your daily choices. You and you alone are responsible for what you do and what you don't do. 

To be consistent, you need to be able to focus on the present moment while maintaining a long-term view of what you want to become. Even though the concept of staying consistent seems pretty straightforward, most people struggle with its execution. I get it. It's hard to remain consistent in a world that blasts so many distractions at us. We are constantly being pulled in different directions and having the discipline to stick with something in the short-term in hopes of yielding long-term results can be challenging. But I believe there is a solution to all of these deraileurs of consistency.

Your daily process should consist of two components: adaptation and evolution. Through the repetition of training, we are building the pathways and neuromuscular developments so our bodies can adapt. It’s about mindfully repeating the same actions over and over again; tracking feedback from these actions, then adjusting and evolving as needed to improve continuously. 

From now on, don't stress about the big rides for the show. Keep it simple, trust in our process. Here is where you will find the progress. Consistency is what breeds change to experience this shift; you must stay vigilant and focused on putting it the daily work and making adjustments as needed and not just maintaining the status quo.  Use the adaptation and evolution in your daily process and own your consistency.

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